JSE Family Members

“Being part of this organization has given me a fulfillment that I’ve never experienced professionally in the past. I can be myself,  have fun with our people, and know that if I screw up it means that I’m that much closer to getting it next time. It’s good to feel cared for.” 

-JSE employee

 “JSE Company’s top down leadership, culture and vision is unlike any company I’ve ever seen. They have far exceeded the expecations of my team and added so much value to my business.”

– Forward Mortgage Employee


“Thank you for building a great company to work for and allowing me to do a job that I love doing and enjoy. Thank you for building your companies on God, Family Business. Thanks for being the person you are!”

– JSE employee


“I took a leap of faith when I joined my company years ago and it’s turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Professionally and personally. I LOVE coming to work.”

– Regency Team Member


“It feels like a big family here! Everyone is so willing to help. It’s unlike any other real estate company I’ve been a part of. I feel like the leadership truly cares about me, my future, and my growth.”

-KW Agent

“I could definitely relate to Jeff’s journey. I have a lot similarities that I am going through and have gone through. It was encouraging to hear how he pushed through it and never gave up. As a father, husband, and businessman I have felt a lot of stress and financial burden, things have been very hard at times. But I try to keep a positive attitude and know that I can persevere” – KW Agent

“I enjoy surrounding myself with people who want to constantly improve, do more, be more, and push me to do the same. That’s why I’m here.  I have provided financial support for my family while also becoming a better husband, father, and person. It was unexpected and has been the best part of my journey here.”

-KW agent

‘Vulnerability at that level for an owner is rare and we need to let everyone know about the gift Jeff shares at the team masterminds….it’s hard to explain! I recommend making these conversations a priority for your own personal growth.”

– JSE employee

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